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1001 Animations Sons of a Silent Age by NuvaPrime
1001 Animations Sons of a Silent Age

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)…

Episode: S4 E3
Year: 2006…

Writer(s): Steve Murphy

There are people who hate this episode?… Really? But I’m getting ahead of myself;

So often I’ve seen decent shows go straight down the commode by trying to hauk some environmentalist message that comes completely out of left field and leaves me wanting to burn down ever tree on Earth. Not the case here, however,

In this episode, the Turtles and their friends, April and Casey, are out camping by the river, when suddenly an amphibious woman hobbles up on shore and then collapses. When they inspect her, they see that she’s been severely burned by toxic chemicals and that she’s dying. Just then, four male fishmen come up out of the water looking for the merwoman, and the turtles attack them trying to by April and Casey time to help her; as the fight ensues, the merwoman psychically links with April, showing her the history of the merpeople and how she and the four males are the last of their kind, and that now their entire future rests uncertainly with her eggs. And then she dies.

Afterwards, the merman solemnly take her away in a very sad and wordless scene, and just afterwards April suddenly remembers that the eggs are still out there, and realizes that the merwoman was trying ask for their help in saving them from the toxic spill that’d killed her. The gang soon finds the toxic spill and manage to clog it up, though they’re uncertain if it made any difference in the long run. The episode ends with them returning home, still uncertain as to the fate and future of the merpeople, but we see that the eggs did indeed survive and swim off in the same direction as the turtles.

Indeed, this story does differ from it’s Mirage Comics source material, turning from an allegory about Mortality and Extinction to a more ‘Save the Earth’ angle, but in my opinion this actually works out for the better.

Let me explain; in the comic, the story ended right after the merwoman died, the gang looking off sadly into the river as April realizes that like the mermen, the Turtles are the only kind of their species, and without a female, they will go extinct…. While a very decent and bitter way to end a story, its also very depressing; but here, its just uncertain. Here, the fate of the mermen still represent that of the Turtles', but now its an uncertain future rather than a doomed one. No one knows what's in store for the guys, but we know that there will be a next time, and they will always be there to face it. This I think is perfectly represented by how the guys sail off into the morning sunrise with the hatchlings swimming below them; no one knows what the future will hold, but there will be a future.

Furthermore, the whole thing that makes it so much more likeable despite it’s environmentalist angle is it’s subtly. Rarely will you find a Save the Earth message that doesn’t overshadow all other content. Not once throughout this episode does anyone say or even allude to how humans in general pollute and kill all nature in their carelessness, and not once is there any actual reference to the bigger picture of Saving the Environment.

They’re not trying to save the merpeople because ‘humans are killing off endangered species blurgh’, but rather because these are a people on the very brink of extinction and its just not right to let them die, especially if there’s something you can do. This becomes even more prevalent near the end when a guy gets angry over the plant being wrecked, and a safety inspector sees the good that it did by blocking off the spill and says “Whoever did this probably saved a lotta’ lives! A whole lotta’ lives!” putting emphasis on the fact that a lot more than just nature is at risk where spilled toxins are concerned.

My point here is that while Captain Planet dawdled like an idiot for Ted Turner as he shut down Swat Kats, this show ten or something years later and did his entire series right; it put story and character before the environment and didn’t shove it’s message in our faces.

This was a kid’s show that was never afraid to test the boundaries of cartoon appropriacy to their limits, in any direction, be it the Soccer Mom’s Guild or even the tolerance of the general audience, and yet –unlike the Nickelodeon series today, it always somehow managed to do it right.

This episode may not be in my top-10 favorites, but that doesn’t make it any less prevalent and endearing.


Ninja Turtles owned by Viacom

1001 animations is from MrEnter
The Human-6: Elements of Humanity by NuvaPrime
The Human-6: Elements of Humanity

So if you at all took any interest in my Human-5 concept image, then there’s a fair chance you may have read the part of the description that says the five become Elements of Harmony themselves (or something like that)

And if you are at all curious, here’s what the deal is:

The Human-5 befriend the Humane-6 and together they gang up on Shimmer by the end of the story, but after the Remane-5 go through the portal with Twi behind them, Shimmer uses her influence over the student body (and not the Element of Magic itself) to stop Twi and keep both her and Spike trapped. But before the portal closes, Twi grabs the crown off of Shimmy’s head and then hurls it through the portal just as it closes. The revelation of the portal causes the student body to release Twi and Spike and turn against Shimmer.

After Shimmy runs off in rage, she sneaks back and kidnaps Spike, dragging him to wherever she lives. Twi and company (Human-5) give chase, but by the time they get there; Shimmy has a GUN pointed at Spike’s head. Twi convinces Shimmy to take aim at her instead…

…Meanwhile, back in Equestria the Remane-5 and the Princesses despair over the loss of Twi (at least for 2½ years) but then, with a fiery determination, Princess Celestia dons the Element of Magic and instructs the five to do the same with their respective Elements…

…The statue suddenly shoots rainbow-colored lightning into the sky.

Meanwhile, Twi is trying to talk Shimmy out of killing her, but Shimmy just shrugs off her attempts and pulls the trigger. But just then, the lightning from before blasts through the roof of Shimmy’s home and strikes Twilight, lancing off into the Human-5 as well. The bullet, meanwhile, has stopped in midair ala Matrix style, meanwhile the Remane-5 appear as ghostly spirit auras (in pony form) around the humans, while the spirit aura form of Princess Celestia appears around Twilight.

Long story short, by channeling the power of the Elements of Harmony, this gives the Human-5 Virtuous Elemental powers of their own, essentially making them Elements of Harmony. Sunset Shimmer also has similar powers, due to her donning the Element of Magic whilst it was in it’s unstable state and later on getting blasted by the full EoM.

In a series of five following shorts, five of the six humans learn that their EoM powers are triggered by them overcoming their worst attributes, i.e. Clarissa is a vain narcissist, and so to access her near godly powers, she must be genuinely humble, etc. The above image pretty much explains it from there.

Shimmer, however, despite being witness to all her new friends discovering their virtues, has not yet herself found what her Element/Virtue is, and does not discover it until the climax of ‘Rainbow Rocks’.


I quite like this idea, if I do say so myself, I find it to be much better than the current EG setup; where apparently one only needs to inexplicably play some instrument and Whamo! You have the power of Deus-Ex-Machina! I think it also gives some real purpose to those pre-Rainbow Rocks shorts as it shows the main characters learning to use powers they’ll need for the following film’s climax.

More so, its also good for the spinoff Hasbro keeps promising us, as each time the characters are forced to use their powers to save the day, their own characters must first develop positively, making character progression actually essential to many of the plots! In the movies, how was character progression essential? Beyond Shimmer?

Speaking of, Sunset Shimmer vector by mewtwo_ex

I seriously cannot believe there is no non-Japanese symbol, for ‘Patience’

MLP: Equestria Girls_Human-5 by NuvaPrime
MLP: Equestria Girls_Human-5

So you all more or less remember that Equestria Girls redesign I did a few months ago, and then the requested socked version I did? [Man, those were weird times] I you do, you may recall it was because I was… well, shall we say ‘less than pleased’ with the official product, the designwork especially, which I found to be appalling.

But I just couldn’t leave well-enough alone, no, I just had to go even further. So not only did I change the designs of the Humane-6, but I also COMPLETELY changed the story;

Now, instead of Twilight going through the portal herself, she goes through with all her friends and the result is what you saw in my redesign (in retrospect, it actually doesn’t make as much sense, but the movies almost completely throw logic out the window, anyway, so what do I care?) and instead they all encounter five new 100% human characters –not pseudo-human parallels of the ponies; REAL HUMANS- Deana, Megan, Jean, Rory, and Clarissa, who later become Sunset Shimmer’s friends in the spinoff


[And that way we’re not stuck with the same characters we’ve already gotten to know, only with less actual character]

From left to right:

Deana Acres

Your typical Clarisse la Rue type high school character with anger issues to spare and plenty of weakling students to yell at (like Rory, but we’ll get to him later) The Humane-6 first encounter her after Sunset Shimmer traps Rory in his locker with a tarantula… who is also Deana’s pet on and only real friend, Tula. Deana is about ready to kill Rory for damaging one of the legs, but then Fluttershy intervenes by offering to fix said leg (there’s a funny bit where Flutters speaks too softly and Deana gest impatient with her, causing Flutters to yank the pullstrings on her hoodie so that only her eyes are showing, all while going ‘Eep!’ That’s Fluttershy for you) Anyway, Deana isn’t really so bad, but she’s still the school bully and more or less has a reputation she needs to uphold, and is constantly getting on Rory’s case because bad luck keeps throwing him at her


Megan Rider

Clearly based off of Megan Williams form the G1 cartoon (and Rider is just so much cooler a last name) Megan is the otherwise level-headed one but can be very impatient (I you were to meet her siblings, she’ll tell you, you’ll understand why) I don’t yet know where they first met her. Honestly, she’s the least thought out of the five


Jean Manning

No, she’s not the token black girl, she has just as much personality as the others. She’s first met trash-talking about Sunset Shimmer with Felix ‘Flash’ Sentry [they are loose friends, the two of them, always challenging each other to prove which one is better] Jean is the Cool Girl; the fearless Daredevil; the Wild One, [and prankster, on occasion] always looking for a challenge, and when she can’t find one, she challenges anyone nearby. Anyone who’s a bully and oppressive, Jean has the full intention of taking them on and knocking them off their pedestal. That unfortunately is a good chunk of her problem; she doesn’t really know when to quit.


Rory Fields

A coward at heart though not as shy as Fluttershy, Rory is more highly sprung and superstitious, living in a cage of his own fears. He’s first encountered being bullied by Sunset Shimmer and then scared into his own locker with a tarantula [bad for him, because he has a severe case of arachnophobia] He admires Jean –who sometimes stands up for him just because, and wishes he could be at least half of what she is. He is also the cousin of the second most popular girl in school, and he is ashamed of this. You’ll see why when we get to…


Clarissa Morton

Arguably the most vain girl in the school, Clarissa is almost as bad as Sunset Shimmer, but not as cunning and calculating [well, at least in THIS story Shimmer is] she is also an on-and-off friend of Shimmy’s [high-school drama/politics/whatever, don’t ask me to explain because I cannot] She’s first encountered with her stock-type clique doing whatever it is those types do, and they run into Shimmer and HER clique and start gitch-bickering. Then they’re seen again, apparently they are buddying now… There’s actually not a whole lot to say about her, just imagine your typical high-school diva/glamazon/gitch/whatever. She also has no respect for her cousin, Rory



True, all these new characters have heavy, antagonistic faults (well, two of them, anyway) but over the course of the story they develop a slight nudge out of these faults and become sort of friends of the Humane-6, united solely at first by their dislike of Sunset Shimmer and casually developing a bond from that (its not as superficial as it sounds) They aren’t perfect by any means, but they do develop.


And they become the human manifestations of the Earth Elements of Harmony

Its finally done, I've finally done it!

Yessiree, from this point I will definitely be watching the rest of the series (and maybe posting my Trotter vectors)

Has anyone assembled a headcanon for that Jeep transformer, yet?


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