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Say, has Deadpool7100 seen this?
REQUEST: Humane-Socks by NuvaPrime
REQUEST: Humane-Socks
Requested by Saneman1

I'll darned if this isn't the weirdest thing I've ever been asked to do.

I really don't understand the whole craze about Ponies in Socks, but it seemed relatively easy to do, so I did it. What is the appeal behind this whole Sock Fetish, anyway?
Please tell me if you know.

So anyhoo, this is me, contributing to the Sock Fetish. I'm not sure I'll ever do this again, so enjoy what we have here.
Chrillia Ya Gl - animated movie concept art by NuvaPrime
Chrillia Ya Gl - animated movie concept art
After watching 'Escape from Planet Earth', I felt the need to write up a concept for a movie about aliens and humanity that was actually -oh, I don't know, good!

(EFPE was just awful)

I did this on a whim when I wanted a lady alien with an attitude... and a head full of tentacles

Will I ever go any further with "Earthanoid"?

I have no idea
MLP: Equestria Girls_Humane-6_Redesigned by NuvaPrime
MLP: Equestria Girls_Humane-6_Redesigned
Well, after doing these, I got inspired to finish the job and do these. This was considerably more difficult to do, seeing as how I had to find reasonably large vectors just so I didn't have to paint over them completely and work basically from scratch. I'd first started out with Rarity months ago, just changing the skirt so it looked more like her and less like some teen drama queen (Rarity is an adult drama queen) and then decided to do the others, though obviously the changes here took a lot more work.

I would have kept them with their multicolored skin tones, but I decided there was no good reason for anyone to keep those around, apart from perhaps a stylistic touch, but honestly there's just no reason to give humans magical pony flesh tones.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Since she is a nerd, I thought it fitting that the nerd of the group actually dress like -oh, I don't know, a nerd? Long-sleeved white shirt, sweater vest, and khakis. A black version of Twilight is actually quite popular amongst some artists. Should I do one? Please let me know.

This is how I imagine a humanized AJ (incidentally, its very unlike pretty much almost EVERYONE's interpretation of her) she wears a jacket and jeans and don't give a hootinanny about style, so long as she gets the job done. Surprisingly not much more to say, despite the fact that I went back over her design a lot. Her cutie mark is actually supposed to be on the back of her jacket, but naturally you can't see it there, so I put it on the left pocket, instead.

Save for the skirt, Rarity is otherwise perfect. Change the skirt, give her a normal skin tone, there, boom, done.

Rainbow Dash

I've always seen rainbow as a sort of rebel, an extremist of sorts and a rule breaker, the cool drop-out that types like Scootaloo look up to. In that light, I gave her a skateboard with cool design on it and a determined expression, rather than a happily passive, I-cause-no-trouble look. Note the black left eye and the bandage on her right arm; obviously she's been defending Flutttershy's honor (Pegasisters stick together!)

Pinkie Pie

I have no idea what's up with Pinkie's outfit in the movie, it just screams 'Disney Channel' as opposed to 'Realistic'. But I digress. I figure she's the type who wears pants with the legs rolled up, and literally every other scrap of clothing she wears is perfectly positively pink (don't tell TheMysteriousMrEnter) I figure she's the type that's both bright and practical; colored with cheerful hues, but not afraid to get dirty if need be. She also has cutie marks on her high tops and and her fanny pack. I don't know why I did that.

Don't Fluttershy's types usually wear hoodies because its easier for them to hide that way? (She's not wearing her hood here, I might have to fix that later on) Someone once suggested that Flutters should be tall and awkward, adding to her shy character, so she's tall here. I also think that maybe her human self comes from a not so well off family, so she's kinda' poor (so hence the sweatpants and tennis shoes) and maybe her father is abusive and her mum is a drunk cheater (so hence her shyness)


Say, has Deadpool7100 seen this?


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Troyer C Harman
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United States
I like to draw and create stuff. I also enjoy seeing other people's ideas and creations. Most of the time, anyway.

I also have YouTube channel…

I should also mention I'm working on an OFFICIAL continuation to BIONICLE (I dont work for LEGO )wish I did) its a community thing I'm starting)
See 'BIONICLE Project Anouncement' for further details.

I also watch 'My little Pony: Friendship is Magic', and there is no shame in that

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