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Ok, so for any of you who are even remotely interested (and I believe that in itself is a stretch) you're probably asking yourself "What in the ever-long heck is 'Rainbow Rocks'??"

Well, THIS is 'Rainbow Rocks'

(Aaaaaaand I can see you're all turning away now)
I do not blame you at all, I also cringed.

Buuuuut, in all fairness, this movie does have the potential to be much better than the last one (we all hope) and as such (for those of you still here who actually care) I've put together a list of the Top 15 Things That Will Amount To This Film's Saving Grace

15- All if any references to 'Linkin Park' are to avoided at all costs

Hasbro, if you know what's best for you, then you will NOT drag my favorite band into this in any form
14- Lyra Heartstrings
Not ONCE did she cameo in the movie, and she's the one whom fans have made obsessed with Humans, even speculated that she's from the Human-world herself! This also contributes to my wishlist;

13- More cameos I actually care about; Octavia, Neon Lights, and Time Turner/Dr. Whooves
Both are associated with Vinyl Scratch (by the fans, anyway) so there is no reason why they shouldn't have large background cameos. As for Time Turner, given his popularity, I'd say its about time
12- Discord
Do I even need to say anything? Its Discord! There is no logical reason why he's yet to appear in this branch of the franchise! And he sings!

My, what a ham
11- Gilda humanized
Everyone seems to both love and hate Gilda. I dunno'
10- Derpy's outfit changed
Because I cannot stand the combined look of 'Zombie Apocalypse' and 'Sucker Punch'!
9- Cheese Sandwich

If it happens, than this will be Weird Al's first movie cameo in how long?
8- Humanized Spike
Humanized Diamond Dogs. That's all I have to say
7- Actual serious moments
This is a theatrical release, as such I expect a more mature and daring move
6- Zecora
Not only will it give this paper-thing franchise extension some diversity, it may just add a little more likable character. So long as she's a teacher and not some third-rate African musician
5- This scene duplicated

It will give Rainbow-Dash a legitimate reason to say the word 'Awesome' every other sentence
4- Transformers references
Because Transformers
3- Pinkie Pie rapping

There is NO good excuse for why this won't happen
2- A better villain than Sunset Shimmer
This one is a given. I don't need to explain myself (and if i actually do, I refuse!)
1- Brony Songs
I heard that thus film will have a total of TWELVE freakin' songs in it. Given how forgettable the five numbers from the last movie were, I figure a safe cushion to fall on is to use popular Brony songs (this may be a very complicated deal, but whatever) I've come up with five songs to make the pain of the movie easier to bear:
Nightmare Night

Discord -The Living Tombstone Remix (maybe as background introductory music to Discord)

Three Brave Foals

Pony Rock Anthem

20% Cooler -
Alex S. remix

This would be good for the music battle I mentioned earlier

Ok, so that's what i want out of this potential train-wreck. Chances are good that NONE of these things happen, but then I don't plan on setting hopes very high (given the recent release of the 'Hamstopocalypse' clip. Ugh, that was so stupid)

Better works from me are to come in the near future


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I like to draw and create stuff. I also enjoy seeing other people's ideas and creations. Most of the time, anyway.

I also have YouTube channel…

I should also mention I'm working on an OFFICIAL continuation to BIONICLE (I dont work for LEGO )wish I did) its a community thing I'm starting)
See 'BIONICLE Project Anouncement' for further details.

I also watch 'My little Pony: Friendship is Magic', and there is no shame in that

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